Beginning in 1985, Doris Wood (who had been a Distributor and Corporate Executive and at times was a supplier or Support to the industry) and three other people, started the first organization of its type… all were members of the Direct Selling/Network Marketing/Multi-Level Marketing/Party Plan profession industry, which came together as one Association. To our knowledge, there is/was no other organization in the world like MLMIA. Even after 33 years, We Are STILL Truly Unique. You’ll understand as you read this very brief history…

MLMIA was a not-for-profit, worldwide, professional trade association, started by industry professionals, for Companies (Corporate) that purchase their products and services, normally, though suppliers/vendors, that we call (Support). They move their materials through Independent Contractors (Distributors/Influencers) who sell the Company’s goods and services to the end consumer.

We were the first and the only organization that had as members all categories that serve our industry (listed above in bold) and the only Association that gives all an equal vote on its Board of Directors.   We feel that all are important to the survival of what has been termed the last stronghold of the free enterprise system. Because all sides sit at the table together in good faith, much has been accomplished. Worldwide, there were many thousands of members. We hope you will now become a part of SNA and make it millions.