An Outstanding Future for the Social Networking Association (SNA):

Jim Lupkin, Executive Director of the past MLMIA and present SNA Association, is a 23-year veteran of social media and network marketing. His process has grown businesses in 87 countries and 100 US cities in more than a dozen different industries. And, he gives thanks to those who contributed to this success by sharing their experiences with him over two decades.

His book, Network Marketing for Facebook, is an Amazon #1 bestseller and is available through 65 of the largest direct sales and network marketing companies in the world, as well as featured as a top 25 social media book to read. He also wrote sections on social media for books authored by Mary Christensen and several other top speakers.

Jim has been featured in various entrepreneurial-driven publications from Direct Selling News Magazine as The Wonder Kid of Social Media and Facebook: A New Era in Building Relationships, Inc. Magazine for 9 Networking Tips to Make Money on Facebook and Social Media Tips to Conquer the Competition, Networking Times Magazine for The Great Connector, and AdWeek for creating results, such as being part of a team who drove 186% in monthly sales growth for a dietary supplement company in the network marketing profession, the final outcome of which was growing the company by $70 million dollars in 19 months.

In October 1995, Jim joined as a Distributor in his first network marketing company. Over the course of four years, he personally recruited 40 distributors and grew a team to 800 Distributors capturing thousands of customers, employing some of the earliest forms of social media.

Then in 2001, he had the unique opportunity to be coached by Mark Yarnell (who was a board member of MLMIA at that time). Applying the knowledge passed down from Mark, together with Jim’s rapidly-expanding knowledge of social media, he personally recruited 600 distributors in only 2 years. More powerfully, he helped create 40% of the top recruiters in the company by teaching them how, where and when to use the elements of social media as they built their businesses.

He took his social media skills and co-founded a software company that generated more than 1,200 clients using Social Networking on MySpace. Subsequently, he co-founded Ojeez, a competitor to Facebook that became the 17,000th most visited website in the world out of 85 million (source: Alexa) and nominee for the 2008 Emerging Technology List by Alwayson-Network.

Recognizing the rising popularity of social media amongst network marketing Distributors and companies, both small business and large companies, he co-founded the largest social media agency in Arizona and one of the biggest in the US, delivering traditional social media strategy and Social Networking. The agency managed more than 400 small businesses, trained 18,000 companies through seminars and built its own software to support social networking for 8,000 network marketing distributors.

Dr. Mikel Harry, co-creator of the world-renowned Six Sigma—the process used by 87 of the top Fortune100 companies, (like American Express, General Electric, and Ford) to boost quality and accelerate profits—endorsed Jim as the world’s leading expert on growing business via social media, using Social Networking. (Video endorsement from Dr. Mikel Harry:

Jim Lupkin is determined to give the Social Networking Association an outstanding future by providing an even playing field for all entrepreneurs to thrive using word-of-mouth at scale in social media.

Jim Lupkin